Micro needling, also called dermarolling, dermabrasion, or needle needling, is an aesthetic medical procedure which involves repeatedly inserting fine needles into the skin to inject collagen and other minerals into the area. This is used to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and age spots. The process of micro needling is usually performed on the face, but it can also be used on various other areas of the body. The needles are placed into the skin using a sterile needle, which is often covered in a hypodermic needle to avoid disease and infection. A small amount of local anesthetic may also be used.

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Micro needling is similar to derma rollers. However, the needles are smaller, and thus there is much less scarring. Also, because the needles are so small, they cause very little discomfort. Unlike derma rollers or dermabrasion, Micro needling does not require the use of anesthetic. The Micro needling procedure itself requires fewer visits than these other treatments, and therefore costs less per treatment.

Micro needling is sometimes performed with a microneedle roller. A microneedle roller contains thousands of tiny needles, which are each approximately one micrometer in diameter. Each needle is designed for the specific area of the face or body to be treated. In the case of micro needling or dermabrasion, the needle is inserted into a specific spot, but in the case of microneedle rollers, the needles are used in a series to treat the entire face or body.

Micro needling works best on individuals who have good skin penetration, good collagen production, and good lymphatic drainage. The needle and the tiny needles break down the top layers of the epidermis, the connective tissue that makes up the skin. As the epidermis heals, new cells are pushed upward, replacing the old, broken cells. As this process continues, the individual usually begins to see growth factors reappear in the skin as the broken fibers rejoin. Micro needling can also stimulate new collagen production.

Micro needling is often very effective in treating minor to moderate acne scars. It is ideal for people who wish to reduce their wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars. Micro needling for acne scars has been especially effective in treating the deep redness associated with these scars. Micro needling can also stimulate new collagen production.

One of the most popular forms of micro-needling involves a combination of micro-needling and a derma roller. A derma roller is like a smaller version of the microneedle roller. The derma roller is similar to the derma needle because it too inserts tiny needles under the skin to inject concentrated amounts of the solution (or filler) inside the layers of the skin. In order to get the desired effect, it’s best to combine the micro-needling with the roller.