It’s no secret that young adults enjoy partying. While many are legal drinking age. Some want to enjoy drinking underage. For those wishing to be able to access underaged places, a fake id is a solution. Yet, with so many Fake ID scams online and other shady businesses out there, knowing where to buy a legitimate Fake ID is complicated.


With this comprehensive guide, we will show you everything you need on how to get a Fake ID Online. We will discuss different types of fake IDs available and how you can look out for scammers. By the end of the article, you will also know where you can safely buy one from a renowned Fake ID website like IDGOD.


Whether you are an international traveller or a college student wanting to party with valid identification, the guide here has you covered.

Different Types of Fake IDs

Online, you can get three primary IDs: student ID, driver’s license, and passports. Each of them has unique features with benefits. Here we break down each of them for you available from a fake ID maker like IDGOD.

Student ID

A student identification card is typically issued to a student when they first enroll in school and it identifies the student as an attending student at the school. The card includes the name and photograph of the student, their date of birth, and other identifying information.

As the name implies, a student ID can be used as a college student. It is typically made using paper or plastic material. The ID will have your photo, address, school logo, and name printed. On the other hand, the fake student ID is also laminated to prevent wear and tear.

Drivers Licenses


This is the most common fake ID you can obtain and is a recognizable form of identification. The ID is typically made in a hologram format with your name, photo, date of birth, and address. Furthermore, the ID is laminated to protect it from wear and tear. It is also printed according to state.


In order to obtain a real driver’s license, you must meet certain criteria. The most common requirements are that you are at least 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license from your home country, and have a clean driving record. Other factors that may be considered include your level of education and experience driving.


The Passport

It is another common type of identification, and fake ID passports are made with plastic or paper. It also has your photo, address, date of birth, and nationality printed. On the other hand, it is also laminated to protect it. Passports can be difficult to fake. Even if the passport looks authentic, there are certain things that will be looked for in order to check its authenticity.


Make sure the images are clear and well-composed photographs. Next, look at the stamps inside and outside of your passport. Are they all in the same places? Are they all official stamps? Finally, check for any writing or security features that may be obscured by a scan.


How To Know You Are Busy With a Scammer

When dealing with fake ID providers online, you can note some things to know you are dealing with a phony ID scammer. First, the ID will not be made from plastic or paper as genuine IDs are made from these materials.


If a driver’s license does not have a hologram, it is likely fake as a genuine one will have it present similar to a passport. If the photo displayed on the ID does not match your face, you have been scammed.


Lastly, if you receive it and it is not laminated, it is likely fake. Whether a license or a passport, the genuine ID is laminated to keep it protected.

Where Can You Buy a Fake ID?

Great, now that you know what to look for in printing a fake ID, the next question is, where can you buy one. There are a few places where you can buy a fake ID. One option is to purchase a fake ID online. Many websites offer fake IDs that look real, and some even include features like scanning your face or taking pictures of you to create a fake ID. If you’re looking for an affordable and fast way to get a fake ID, this is the option for you.

Another option is to find someone local who can make you a fake ID. This can be done through online classifieds or by word of mouth. Again, prices will vary depending on the quality of thefake ID and the time required to create it. If you’re looking to get a fake ID quickly and don’t have much money available, this may be your best option.

Let’s go over some of the top places you can buy one.


Check The Online Reviews

This is important when looking for a fake ID if you want to go partying or visit a place where being underaged is not permitted. Online reviews will tell you about the provider and the service offered. It would give you an idea if customers received quality products. You may even get a story or two of how they used their fake identification.

Avoid Doing Business with Shady People

You can find loads of business locally and online that presents a shady service selling fake identification. These companies use low-quality materials and offer you poor customer service. So, if you want to buy a phony ID, make sure that they provide you with feedback on what you need before doing business with them.

Website Security is Important

Whether you shop online for clothes, do banking, or even a fake ID, check the website’s security. Your secure website will have a noticeable padlock symbol starting with HTTPS. The term indicates that any transactions with the dealer are encrypted and safe. When it comes to the internet, there are two main types of sites: https and HTTP. HTTPS is better because it encrypts the data between your computer and the website, so no one can steal your information or hack into your account. HTTP is not as secure, so you should only use it if you don’t need to protect your information.


Always Buy From Reputable Sources

If you want to invest in a fake ID, always be sure you buy from a trustworthy Fake ID Vendor like They provide you with quality products with excellent customer service.

Using Your Fake ID

Now that you know where to get a trustworthy fake ID made of quality material. The next step is using your fake identification without getting caught. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Never Give Up Your Address

When you visit a nightclub or head out to a bar, never give your address. This could get you into trouble with local law enforcement.

Only Use Your Fake ID for Legal Purposes

Never use your fake ID for illegal purposes like buying drugs. It can have serious consequences that can include jail time. However, occasionally using your fake ID to visit a nightclub or make some adrenalin adventure trip is fine.

Always Keep Your Fake ID in a Safe Place

Do not go and tell everyone you know that you have a fake ID you use. Instead, keep it in a safe place when you use it, as it will prevent you from getting into trouble and getting stolen or lost.

Wrapping it Up

Fake IDs are becoming more popular these days. Still, the trickiest part is using it if you do not know what you are doing. When you follow the steps provided in the article. Then, you can use your fake ID effectively and safely without being caught. With a bit of practice, you will be using it like a professional in no time when they do ask for identification.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fake IDs

How to use a Fake ID and not get caught?

There are a few things you can do to prevent being caught with a fake identification:

  • Avoid going to nightclubs where the bouncers have a reputation for catching fakes.
  • Always be friendly with bouncers at the door. Suppose you have friends that regularly go to a place. In that case, you can always go through within a group. The likeliness is that they will not ask for identification.
  • You have a fake ID, so make sure to know the star sign on it, as bouncers can ask for it based on the birth date displayed.

Should I Use a Fake Address and Name on My Fake ID?

Yes, for many reasons, a bouncer can ask for another identification as proof that it is your ID. Hence, you can provide them with a debit or credit card as proof.

How Does a Bouncer Spot Fake IDs?

The bouncer will inspect the edges of the card and bend it. This is because a real ID will have smooth edges and does not come apart.