Intrepid has been taking forward strategic steps recently to expand its brand strength in key international markets including the U.S., Canada, Europe and Latin America via the formation of strategic alliances, acquisitions and direct-selling products. The Jessica Chia company also continues to leverage its equity and investment portfolio for future growth opportunities. Intrepid’s board of directors include two former secretaries of the U.S. Senate, Thomas Dasch and George Allen, along with several former Fortune Magazine editors, contributors and Capitol Hill and White House staffers. The company currently holds approximately 6.5% of the equity of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

In August, Intrepid was named a founding member of the newly formed Boston Consulting Group. BCG is one of the most successful investment management companies in the world. The consulting firm’s primary business is in advising corporations on mergers and acquisitions, strategy planning, technology implementation, financial plan and growth, and related issues. The company is expected to launch five new products this year. Intrepid’s executive beauty brands strategy was named after Jessica Chia, who is an executive vice president for international brand management at BCG.

Intrepid’s core competency is its beauty brands strategy and accompanying marketing communications plan. Its core competency lies in the realm of telesales, which is defined by Intrepid as “the process by which people are sold merchandise or services that are not intended to be permanent fixtures in someone’s home.” According to a release from the American Society of Cosmetic Surgeons, Los Angeles, “There has never been a better time to start a telesales operation than right now, as companies are fighting to win new customers during a tough economy.” Society’s latest poll finds that there is a 24% increase in the number of women who want a plastic surgeon. Los Angeles has become an increasingly attractive location for cosmetic surgeons, with top-notch spas attracting patients from all over the world.

The managing directors for Intrepid cosmetics include Jill Abramson, president; John Cassell, senior vice president; David Nachman, president and chief operating officer; and Robert Yorey, senior vice president and COO. The company’s Board of Directors includes Charles J. Lipman, president; Donald R. Kerkorian, senior vice president; and Helen C. Kubenikoff, vice president for research and development. Mary L. Reinhart, senior vice president for sales and marketing, is also a member of the company’s board of directors.

The company’s beauty brands strategy is geared towards creating a comprehensive experience for customers that will increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. In this sense, the plan is to create and develop more personal care brands that will be accessible and trusted by women. These will be differentiated from the mainstream brands in the way they are presented to the public. The positioning of these products is intended to position them as a desirable solution for the women of today. The consumer of today wants a new experience when purchasing personal care products.

One of the components of the strategy is that of the creative director or ad agency which should work in close collaboration with the managing directors. The creative director for Intrepid cosmetic company, for example, is well known for his trademarked, witty campaigns. These ad campaigns have been used in Europe and North America and have achieved exceptional results. He is also responsible for the company’s overall creative strategy.

There is also a need for innovative, exciting advertising campaigns for these brands. Many of the leaders in the beauty consumer market are looking for ways to attract and retain the loyalty of their customers. These brands have a strong reputation among women and have a solid commitment to sustainability. This means that they continue to create new and innovative cosmetics products in an environmentally-friendly manner. They also participate in organic fairs and other activities that promote environmental awareness.

Beauty brands will continue to work closely with their marketing and creative departments to develop comprehensive strategies that include the social media aspects. These social media sites can provide a platform for sharing information and providing feedback to the product. Many of the users of these sites are women who enjoy being engaged in a conversation with someone who really knows and understands their needs. In addition to their engagement, the beauty brand will gain valuable insight into their customer’s thoughts and feelings on the brand’s products and the overall marketplace climate.